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Welcome to this brand new fresh Real Estate Expert Blog. While we expect this blog to have a global we will focus mainly on Indian Real Estate matters and have a regional touch. Broadly we wish to explore all topics related to real estate such as Affordable Housing, Sustainable Planning, Urban Infrastructure, Real Estate Marketing & Sales, Taxation, Finance, Policies, Development Codes and many others.

The Indian Real Estate Market is set to continue at the breakneck speed leaving some of the teething troubles beside. Here is a chart, extracted from a CBRE report about Real Estate Outlook in 2019. 

Indian Real Estate Outlook 2019
Indian Real Estate Market Outlook in 2019

The first topic I want to touch here is a very hot one right now, i.e. RERA. I shall break down this RERA BASICS Blog into 10 Parts, namely, 

  1. Overview: Why RERA is important?
  2. 7 Key Aspects of RERA with Relevant Sections & Examples
  3. RERA Agreement: Finer Points
  4. RERA Authorities
  5. RERA Website
  6. Registration & Compliance
  7. Standard procedures- Best Practices for Developers & Agents
  8. Complaints and Appeals
  9. Important Judgments & Orders
  10. Conflicts & Way Forward

Have a good read and feel free to comment and ask any queries.

Image Source Reference: https://www.cbre.com/research-and-reports/India-Real-Estate-Market-Outlook-2019

Disclaimer: It is the reader’s responsibility to verify their own facts. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other agency, organization, employer or company.

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