Our Services:

We also offer Real Estate consultancy services to Developers, Home Buyers, Business, Institutions and Agents. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Market Research: Macro-economic review,  Property market research, End user analysis, Location studies, Catchment area analysis, Supply & demand analysis, Competitor review & benchmarking,  SWOT analysis, Data management & analytics
  • Concept Planning: Product theme, Product mix analysis, Configuration guidance, Unit mix recommendation, Facility review, Highest & best use.
  • Design Review: Audit, Revision and working in tandem with Architect & Structural Designer, Cost Reduction Framework in the design stage, Optimization of Reinforcement Steel, Filing and consulting for MoEF EC, RERA, SDBR – Proof Checking or any other pending Regulatory approvals.
  • Financial Feasibility: Margin analysis, Optimum return analysis, Cash flow forecasts,  Sensitivity analysis, Scenario analysis, Development Cost Analysis, Taxation, Funding/financial assistance strategy, Due-Diligence, Loan Appraisal.
  • Go to Market Strategy: Business plan, Strategic marketing plan, Product packaging, Communication strategy, Creative – Branding, sales tools and marketing material, Operational set up, Distribution network management, Launching, Documentation & Customer relationship process planning, Development & Training of in-house sales team, Construction Planning & Scheduling, online strategy.
  • Business Management: Creating Standard operating procedures for the project management team.
  • Sales Support – Planning & Achieving Targets for In-House team, Document Management – Agreement, Demand, Home Loans Assistance, Policy management (Cancellations, Refunds, Brokerage etc)., Lead generation, Database Management, Advertising Campaign Budgeting & Management.
  • Contracts/Vendor Management: Overseeing contract literature, vendor selection support, managing timeline for long-lead items.
  • Construction strategy: Planning, Estimation, Design, Billing, Quality, Machinery operating procedures and methodology for in-house team.
  • Financial Planning: Insurance Management, Advanced Analytics for Real Time Decision Making on Pricing, Loans, Budgeting, and other factors, Taxation Advisory.
  • Quality Control – Standard operating procedures audit, Quarterly Quality Audit on Site and back office work done & processes being followed, Site & Material Consumption Audit, Tracking the execution time frame to avoid delays.
  • Completion: Planning for Handover, Occupancy, Conveyance.
  • Litigation/Dispute Support: Working with legal advisors, Preparation of Support documents & Legal briefs, avoiding disputes with best practices framework.
  • Customer Experience:  Maintenance of good corporate customer experience for loyalty & referrals and brand enhancement, official communications with client groups and society formation support.